The recipe for the Christmas cake that can not miss on your tables for this Christmas.

Among other things, PANFORTE is also a fairly simple dessert to make, the spices and its aromas will tell you about Tuscany and its ancient flavors. As little Santa’s elves we absolutely recommend you take some time to have fun doing it and thus amaze your guests for Christmas lunch!

Here are some historical notes on the ancient origin of Panforte.

Panforte is a typical Christmas cake that has very ancient origins: the first written records date back to the year 1000. At that time it was called Christmas Bread or Aromatic Bread or Pan Pepatus.

The preparation was entrusted to the Art of the Medici and Speziale of Siena and was intended exclusively for the nobles, the rich and the clergy in consideration of the fact that it contained, in addition to the candied fruit of orange, cedar and melon, almonds, drugs and expensive spices for those times. With the passage of time the Panpepato did not undergo substantial changes and the ingredients remained more or less the same, until 1879 the year in which Queen Margherita went to visit the city of Siena.

For the occasion, an apothecary prepared a panforte without melon tanning and with a coating of vanilla sugar instead of black pepper. The Sienese offered it to the queen as “Panforte Margherita”, the name with which this more delicate “white” panforte is still known and marketed today.

In May 2013, Panforte di Siena obtained the Protected certification.


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